Branding Package

Our branding package will give you a cohesive visual identity to tie together every component of your marketing—giving you the confidence to show off your business and book the clients you’ve been dreaming of.

We want to know who you are and what makes your brand unique. We’ll ask questions about the core values that shape how people see, interact with or purchase from your business

Branding Package Examples

Examples of recent branding package projects. 

Branding package

So what our branding package design include?

Final Files Delivered:

  • All logos in color, black, and white (JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS)
  • High-res, print-ready PDF file of business card design
  • Detailed Brand Guidelines PDF
    Patterns and/or textures in high-res format

How whole process work?

How does the whole branding package process work?



Make a deposit and sign the contract, then we’ll book your spot in our design queue.


Homework Assignment

Create a Miro inspiration board (we’ll help guide you!) and complete a comprehensive design questionnaire about your business, mission, goals, and ideal client.


Brand Design

We help you figure out what your unique, custom brand should look like. We start by researching the industry and type of clientele that will most likely be interested in your business idea or product.


Logo Design

We start by delivering 3 initial primary logos, each one tailored for what it’s appropriate use might be – from website design or printed materials like manuals and catalogs. You can also choose from two optional revisions where we’ll make adjustments until satisfied!


Brand Design

We’ll nail down your alternate logo and submark. These are the elements that will give life to our brand by making it come alive through personality-giving typography, color palette or patterns/textures!


Social Media

Whichever platform you use, we will create custom templates on Canva or Photoshop. The design is totally yours with your colors and fonts! You can change up the text in seconds so it’s not just another generic Instagram feed – but one that reflects who YOU are as a brand

Branding Package Add-On Items

UI Kit

Using your existing logo as a starting point, we can create a UI kit containing all the potential design elements needed to create a consistent looking website. 

Canva templates

Creativity is key when it comes to designing your business cards or other marketing materials, but sometimes you need a helping hand. Our Canva templates provide that professional touch without the designers fees!