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Brooklyn, NY is our home base.

Our Brooklyn web design & development team offers expert services that will help your business stand out online with high-quality workmanship tailored just right for you – no matter what industry or size of the company.

A Trusted Web Agency in Brooklyn, NY

We help businesses with their digital presence and work hard to ensure they are successful online. We’ll meet with you for a consultation, where our team will listen carefully before designing an effective strategy that fits your needs and those of the business itself!

Eflat is known for next-level, custom websites that use the latest responsive standards and best practices. As a result, you get an awesome site built to market your business and elevate brand equity creatively!

Small Business Friendly

We’re a small business and know how important it is to deliver amazing results for our customers. That’s why they count on us, because not only do they have their trust in Eflat but also expertise with website marketing technology, so that takes care of all the hard work from start to finish!

We know that small businesses depend on us: when they need a website delivered quickly with top-notch design at an affordable price point (and without sacrificing quality), there isn’t any other company in this industry that will meet those needs better than Eflat.

Website For Every Budget

We have years of experience in the industry, so our clients always get the top-notch service that they deserve! That’s why we make sure each project goes through many different stages, from initial sketches to coding, with plenty of input on what features should be included or removed before finally delivering finished products, all within budget constraints – saving time and money along the way too!. 

  • The functionalities of an online business are what you would expect in a Fortune 500 company but with a price tag that fits your budget.
  • The EPS platform gives you everything your business needs to create an impressive brand image. Allowing small businesses like yours the opportunity for growth by giving them access and tools that will enable their brands to stand out from others in industries they compete within.
  • Eflat is affordable -we understand what’s happening here but not cheap! We don’t take shortcuts, so every project starts with analysis before anything else happens to ensure a successful engagement.

Design Services

We provide white label design as an individual service or as part of a web development project.


Your site will be custom coded using ACF, CPT, or Elementor depending on your preferences.


Offload your WordPress maintenance duties and content edits with a fixed price plan.

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